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Enhancing Managerial Hiring at Tech Mahindra



Tech Mahindra, a global technology leader, faced challenges in identifying and hiring the right managerial candidates due to market competition, a shortage of skilled candidates, and inefficiencies in traditional assessment methods. PMaps provided a customized visual-based psychometric assessment solution, resulting in improved hiring quality, reduced hiring time, and increased managerial performance.


Tech Mahindra, a prominent global technology company, offers a wide range of services, including IT consulting, application development, managed services, and digital transformation. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Pune, India, the company operates in over 50 countries with a workforce of more than 140,000 employees. Tech Mahindra's strategic partnership with Telstra exemplifies its commitment to providing innovative technology solutions globally.

Challenges and Objectives:

Tech Mahindra faced multiple challenges in hiring competent managers:

  1. Time Crunch and Market Competition: The rapid pace of technological change and high demand for skilled managers made it difficult to find suitable candidates swiftly.
  2. Shortage of Necessary Skills and Experience: The high demand for managerial talent in the market made it challenging to find individuals with the right skills and experience within the desired timeframe.
  3. Changing Employee Expectations: Younger generations brought new expectations for work-life balance and flexibility, which needed to be considered in the hiring process.
  4. Poor Completion Rate of Traditional Assessments: Traditional assessments were found to be non-engaging, causing high dropout rates among managerial candidates, leading to inefficiencies in the hiring process.
  5. Need for Objective and Consistent Evaluation: Tech Mahindra required a solution to evaluate candidates' abilities consistently and objectively across different regions, considering cultural differences and language barriers.

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Innovative strategies that address the ITeS industry’s unique challenges.
Customized solutions that drive operational efficiency and excellence.
Proven results that underscore the value of precision in talent strategy.

Solution Highlights

Tech Mahindra’s Recruitment Revolution:

Managerial Recruitment: Confronted with the need for exceptional leaders, we introduced a bespoke hiring process, perfectly synchronized with the PMaps Managerial Framework. This strategic move led to a significant uplift in managerial performance and effectiveness.

Hear from Our Client

“PMaps’ assessments have been a cornerstone in our recruitment strategy. Their ability to accurately gauge a candidate’s potential has been invaluable, especially in the fast-paced ITeS sector. We’re proud to partner with a company that understands the nuances of our industry.” - Ankit Singh Aswal, Ex. Group Head Talent Acquisition, Tech Mahindra

Watch Full Session:

Click below to watch the complete testimonial and what our client has to say about our collaboration. Don’t miss a chance to learn about their hurdles and implementation strategy, also understand the impacts HRTech closely.

Results at a Glance

Leadership Success: Managers vetted through PMaps’ rigorous assessments demonstrated superior performance, with top performers excelling in their roles.
Strategic Impact: The adoption of PMaps’ assessments has been pivotal in refining our recruitment process, leading to a marked improvement in the quality of hires and operational outcomes.

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Case Study: Tech Mahindra Managerial Assessment

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PMaps Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about PMaps through commonly asked questions:

What is the main challenge Tech Mahindra faced in their hiring process?

Tech Mahindra faced challenges in identifying and hiring the right managerial candidates due to market competition, a shortage of skilled candidates, inefficient traditional assessment methods, and high dropout rates in the assessment process.

How did PMaps help Tech Mahindra improve their hiring process?

PMaps provided a customized visual-based psychometric assessment solution that mapped Tech Mahindra's key managerial competencies to the PMaps 13F Managerial Framework. This helped streamline the hiring process, ensuring objective and consistent candidate evaluation.

What specific competencies were assessed in the PMaps Managerial Assessment?

The assessment evaluated competencies such as accountability, self-management, empathetic outlook, conflict management, problem-solving, and other key managerial skills.

What were the results of implementing the PMaps Managerial Assessment at Tech Mahindra?

The implementation led to higher completion rates for assessments, improved hiring quality, and enhanced managerial performance. Managers who scored higher on the assessment received better internal quarterly ratings, demonstrating the effectiveness of the solution.

How does the visual-based assessment format benefit candidates?

The visual-based, language-agnostic assessment is engaging and minimizes biases, reducing dropout rates and ensuring a thorough evaluation of candidates' skills and competencies.

Can PMaps' assessments be customized for other companies and industries?

Yes, PMaps' assessments are highly customizable to fit the unique needs and competency frameworks of different companies and industries, ensuring relevance and precision in hiring.

How does PMaps ensure the assessments are unbiased and objective?

PMaps uses a combination of visual, auditory, and textual questions to create a comprehensive evaluation that is consistent across different regions and considers cultural differences and language barriers.

What other solutions does PMaps offer besides managerial assessments?

PMaps offers a range of assessments for pre-hire and post-hire evaluations, including Precision Personnel Selection, Cognitive & Skill Tests, High Potential Analysis, Leadership Acumen Evaluation, and various employee engagement and satisfaction surveys.

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Client Testimonials

Tech Mahindra
Head - ORG Effectiveness

With PMaps leadership assessments, we have been able to align our talent development with our strategic objectives. These tools have given us the clarity to design focused training programs, leading to a significant impact on our organizational effectiveness and leadership alignment.

Tech Mahindra
Group Head TA

PMaps enables us to screen and assess candidates before they join us, especially when hiring thousands of individuals. It helps us understand their aptitude, communication skills, and personality.


The PMaps team has been extremely forthcoming and receptive to the requirements we have shared. The solution that has been designed and customized to suit our requirements has been very well received.

HR Manager

PMaps has been the ultimate solution to our hiring challenges. The platform provides us with quick and convenient evaluation reports, streamlining our hiring process effectively.

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