Customisable Talent Assessments for Hiring and Development

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Measure Skills across 400+ jobs accurately. Access Talent reports that are Secured & Easy to interpret for better Talent Decisions.


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Improve Talent Decision

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Unlike Traditional Assessments, our assessments are Quick, Fun, and Language-Agnostic for test takers. No wonder our Completion rate is >80%. Our Talent reports are easy to interpret and accurate.

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Unbiased Candidate Evaluation

  1. Comprehensive Test Library for more than 400 job roles
    Applicable across industry, proficiency, and job level, ensuring the right fit for any role.
  2. Customize Assessments for Hiring and Talent Development   
    Design assessments across Skills, Ability, and Personality dimensions.
  3. Self Serve Features 
    Schedule & Administer assessments and choose Test settings based on your requirements
Access Our Test Library

Scale up Learning and Development using our Talent reports which are easy to interpret

  1. Development Report:
    In-depth Development report to improve work place.
  2. Structure Interview Checklist:      
    Access to Behavioral Interview checklist to make interviews structured and objective.
  3. Strength Finders: 
    Know your employees' strengths and weaknesses to design career pathways.
Enable Simplified HR Management
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Evidence-Based Talent Decision

  1. Talent Insights:      
    Descriptive dashboards and in-depth reports for a comprehensive analysis of talent trends and patterns to build personalized predictive modules.
  2. Data-Driven Decision-Making  
    People analytics to pinpoint skills gaps and efficiently track KPIs, ensuring your talent strategy is both effective and data-informed.
  3. Ready Integration with People Data
    Easy integration with ATS & HRMS to collect and analyze People data to draw insights.
Explore Insights

100% Secured and Compliant

  1. Assessment Data Security:      
    Proctored data to be stored in a secured environment with easy back data backup.
  2. GDPR Compliance:      
    Rest easy with GDPR compliance and secure proctoring, ensuring your data's safety is paramount.
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Why PMaps is Right choice for your Talent Assessment Needs:

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Discover how PMaps revolutionizes Talent Management, addressing your daily challenges and goals with precision-crafted assessment solutions.

Comprehensive Skill Library

Advance skill-based hiring to create an effective, fair, and merit-driven approach for building productive teams of like-minded individuals.

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talent decision


Based on your requirement you can select modules, test settings and assign weightages to arrive at Right Fit

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Accurate Reports for Both Hiring and Development

Build strategies with clear reports, BEI checklists, and strength finders for smart, immediate actions.

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Compliance Confidence

Rest easy with GDPR compliance and secure proctoring, ensuring your data's safety is paramount.

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Smart and Easy Integration

Eliminate the hassle of managing multiple platforms by seamlessly integrating PMaps Platform with your HRMS, ATS, and Sales Boards to automate talent decisions.


A Worldwide Solution for Diverse Teams

PMaps offers a globally compatible, online test platform, perfect for modern, mobile-first workforces.


Seamless Integration with Your HR Systems

PMaps seamlessly integrates with your existing HR infrastructure, facilitating a cohesive and efficient approach to talent management.

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Seamless Integration for Enhanced Talent Management with PMaps

Easily connect your ATS, LMS, and HRMS to the PMaps Platform for consolidated data and efficient tracking. Streamline your talent strategy with our integrated workflows, aimed at improving talent acquisition and management.


Resolving Talent Dilemmas with Finesse

PMaps isn’t just a tool, it's a holistic solution tailored for the evolving landscape of hiring and employee development.

500+ Skills Taxonomy and Job Ontology

Our comprehensive skill taxonomy facilitates precise hiring and skill gap identification across 500+ job roles.

Customizable Assessments for Diverse Needs

Customize sections and competencies using our extensive Test Library. From technical prowess to soft skills, ensure every role's unique needs are met.

Dynamic and Multi-Lingual Question Bank

Benefit from our diverse range of questions, regularly updated to reflect the latest industry trends, ensuring relevant and challenging assessments.

Easy to Interpret Reports

Use our easy-to-read reports to identify candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, aiding in hiring and development.

Dedicated Support

Benefit from our round-the-clock customer service and expert guidance, ensuring seamless assessment experiences.

Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

Use our real-time analytics dashboard to track talent metrics, discern trends, and make objective, data-driven choices.

Secure & Scalable Platform

Rely on our platform for its strengthened security measures, guaranteeing the highest level of safeguarding for candidate and assessment data.

Seamless HR System Integration

Identify the right fit from anywhere with our mobile-friendly assessments, ensuring effortless access and seamless remote evaluation.

Mobile-Friendly Tests

Identify the right fit from anywhere with our mobile-friendly assessments, ensuring effortless access and seamless remote evaluation.

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