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Top 10 Online Assessment Companies for Better Hiring!

HR Trends
Pratisrutee Mishra
August 4, 2023

Poor candidates are comparable to landmines in a war field; one step on them, and that's the end of your team's development. But is there a way to avoid these landmines? Research says 75-88% of the resumes you receive are unqualified. Do you think you can find the remaining 12–25% of the good ones out there? Yes, as long as you employ online assessments to screen candidates.

These online assessment tools are game-changing alternatives to traditional job interviews. They assess applicants more effectively and identify those who are the best fit for several specific job roles. And now that you are here, looking for top online assessment tools, you must have an insight into the product already. 

However, with the vast options at hand, choosing the right online assessment is a very real challenge. In this article, we offer you a comprehensive list of online assessments that are the most trending among HR managers today. We will also share the factors you must consider when switching to online assessment platforms. 

Factors That Make Online Assessments Stand Out

Selecting the right online assessment provider can significantly impact the effectiveness and success of your talent acquisition process. G2 found that ease of use, accurately measure in real-time, white-labeling, and the analytics dashboard were the top four factors that contributed to the reputation of their product among users. This means you should evaluate overall performance of your online assessment based on the following factors:

Ease of Use

Opt for a user-friendly platform that simplifies the assessment process for both administrators, students and candidates

Real-time Assessment:

Ensure that your online assessments are relevant and validated as per the current skill demands and competencies. This will filter the most efficient and active talented people for your job role.

Scalability & white-labeling:

Verify if the platform can accommodate your organization's growth and handle online assessments at scale. Also, check if the service provider is flexible in adapting to your requirements.

Analytic Dashboard:

Choose a dynamic and interactive dashboard that can strategically, operationally, and analytically show test results to help you understand your candidate data.

Additional Facilities:

Consider the availability of additional features such as proctoring, application tracking, on-the-job simulations, and lie detection.

Report generation efficiency:

Assess the provider's ability to generate comprehensive and actionable reports to aid decision-making

Diverse Test Library:

Look for a platform that offers a wide range of assessment types to cater to diverse roles and skill sets. A provider with an extensive library of tests to assess various cognitive, behavioral, and technical competencies will be the best option in the long run.


Ensure that the provider adheres to strict security standards to protect sensitive candidate data.

Technical Support:

Evaluate the level of technical support and guidance provided by the assessment provider.

Client Reviews and Reputation:

Consider the feedback and experiences of other organizations that have used the platform.

Top 10 Most Recommended Online Assessments

The best online assessments vary in many forms, including the type of assessment, such as personality tests, aptitude tests, cognitive tests, situational judgmental tests, coding tests, and many more. These assessments also differ on the basis of the target candidate pool; for instance, if you are looking for freshmen, experienced hires, or experts,.

Choosing the right assessment also depends on the size of the candidate pool. There are many skills online assessments that are comprehensive and some that are particular, such as leadership assessments, emotional intelligence tests, and job fit tests. 

Therefore, the right choice of an online assessment must align with all your hiring goals for your company and you to be able to maximize your hiring outcomes. Below are some of the curated online assessment tool providers that are worth your time.

1. PMaps:

PMaps is a psychometric assessment platform that focuses on valid online cognitive ability tests and also tests for behavioral attributes. Its scientifically designed assessments help in identifying candidates' potential and fit for specific job roles. PMaps also provides assessment customization, proctoring, and comprehensive reporting analytics.

Highlights of PMaps Online Assessment

Test Library

It has a diverse test library that includes some high-quality skill based assessments for decision-making. PMaps online assessments are specially tailored for Gen-Z candidates.

Reliability and Validity

The PMaps Psychometric Assessment tool is a unique and valuable tool for candidate evaluation. It is a reliable, accurate, and adaptive assessment.

Scientifically Based

The PMaps psychometric assessments are also based on the 16PF Model of Personality and the Big Five model, two of the most widely used and well-validated personality models in the world.

Cost Effective

PMaps Online Assessments are also easy to use and affordable, making them a cost-effective alternative to traditional hiring practices.


It is fun, quick, visual-based, and language-agnostic. With its machine-learning foundation, it can be an efficient tool for revolutionizing the hiring process across the globe.

2. iMocha:

iMocha is known for its vast library of skill assessments, covering various domains and technologies. Its user-friendly interface and ready-to-use test templates make it convenient for employers to create and deploy relevant online job-fit tests. iMocha also offers coding simulators and real-time coding evaluations, making it suitable for technical roles.

3. Mettl:

Mettl is a comprehensive and accurate online skills assessment platform. It offers a wide range of pre-employment tests and talent measurement solutions. It provides an extensive test library, customizable assessments, and advanced proctoring features. Mettl's AI-powered analytics and reports facilitate data-driven decision-making in the hiring process.

4. TestGorilla:

TestGorilla stands out with its top online personality tests, covering a wide range of soft skills required for a job role. It offers skill-based online assessments, cognitive tests, and coding evaluations. TestGorilla's user-friendly interface and detailed candidate reports make it a popular choice among recruiters.

5. Talview:

Talview is a versatile online assessment platform that combines various features, including proctored assessments, video interviewing, and AI-powered automated evaluations. Its intuitive interface and mobile compatibility make it convenient for candidates to participate in assessments. Talview also integrates with popular applicant tracking systems, streamlining the hiring workflow. 

6. Adaface:

Adaface specializes in providing technical online assessments through its chat-based platform. It offers a wide range of coding tests, coding simulators, and coding challenges to evaluate candidates' programming skills. Adaface's unique approach to assessing technical proficiency with the best online aptitude tests makes it a preferred choice for technical hiring.

7. SoftwareSuggest:

SoftwareSuggest is an assessment platform that assists organizations in finding the most suitable assessment software for their specific needs. It provides detailed product comparisons, user reviews, and ratings for various assessment platforms, helping businesses make informed decisions. It offers the most reliable online emotional intelligence tests.

8. MeritTrac:

MeritTrac is a leading assessment platform that offers a comprehensive suite of assessments and test administration services. It provides customized assessments, remote proctoring, and advanced cheating prevention mechanisms. MeritTrac's scalable and secure platform caters to the needs of both large-scale recruitment drives and smaller organizations.

9. Vervoe:

Vervoe combines skill assessments with an AI-powered interview platform to provide a holistic hiring solution and innovative online teamwork tests. Its library of online assessments covers various job roles, and its video interview feature allows employers to assess candidates' communication and soft skills. Vervoe's automation capabilities save time and effort in the hiring process.

10. eSkill:

eSkill specializes in pre-employment skills testing and offers a wide range of subject-specific assessments. It allows customization of online tests themselves, adaptive testing, and simulation-based online assessments. It takes pride in providing effective online leadership assessments. eSkill's reporting and analytics features enable employers to make data-driven hiring decisions.


Online assessments provide valuable insights into candidate profiles and optimize hiring and talent management processes for HR professionals. Data-driven assessment tools enable recruiters to make informed decisions and identify the best fit for their job positions. 

Stay updated with our blogs to navigate the evolving landscape of online assessments. To know more about how you can use the right online assessments and psychometric tools for your organization, call PMaps at +91 8591320212, email us at, or get in touch through our website.

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Performance Appraisals - Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about performance appraisal commonly asked questions:

What are online assessments, and why are they important for hiring?

Online assessments are digital tools used to evaluate job candidates' skills and attributes. They're crucial for hiring because they streamline the process, reduce bias, and provide data-driven insights into candidate suitability.

How do I choose the right online assessment tool for my hiring needs?

Consider factors like assessment type, candidate pool size, and customization options. Look for reliability, validity, user-friendliness, and compatibility with your processes.

What are some popular online assessment tools available for hiring purposes?

Popular tools include PMaps, iMocha, Mettl, TestGorilla, Talview, Adaface, SoftwareSuggest, MeritTrac, Vervoe, and eSkill.

Are online assessments effective in predicting job performance?

Yes, when used correctly. Well-designed, validated assessments tailored to job requirements can predict job performance effectively.

How can online assessments help improve diversity and inclusion in hiring?

By reducing bias through standardized evaluation criteria and features like blind reviewing or anonymized profiles, online assessments promote fair evaluation and diversity in hiring.

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