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5 Big Companies That Automate Mass Hiring With Skill Tests!

Pratisrutee Mishra
July 4, 2023

Hey, I found some statistics about mass hiring that might interest you. 

  • Face-to-face interviews take about 1-2 hours each.
  • According to 51% of recruiters, the best candidate is found after three interviews.

Which means, hiring managers (like yourself) spend about 6 hours of their work day interviewing just one candidate. Now imagine, what a vacancy of 1000 employees would cost you . A huge amount  of 6000 hrs, which indicates that recruiters spend about two-thirds of their hiring time only on the interview process!

But what if we say, you can hire your best candidate in just 15 minutes?

To hire the right  candidate, takes a load of effort. Handling the applicant pool, screening through the unsuitable applications, shortlisting average candidates, and several further layers of evaluation to reach your right fit. Phew, Cut to the chase. We got you… PMaps' mass hiring solutions can streamline your hiring process to ensure that you achieve your right and ideal standards when it comes to hiring. In this blog, we will share some insider tips about huge organizations and their mass hiring strategies. Hop in for an enjoyable ride …and here we go! 

First of All, You Need A Winning Plan!

  • Decide your hiring goals: The first step in any mass hiring process is to decide your hiring goals. What are you looking for in a candidate? What skills and experience do you need? What is the ideal culture fit for your company? Once you know your goals, you can start to develop a strategy for reaching them.
  • Map your candidate sourcing strategy: Once you know your hiring goals, you need to map out your candidate sourcing strategy. Where will you find your candidates? How will you reach them? What channels will you use? Your candidate sourcing strategy should be tailored to your specific hiring needs and goals.
  • Screen candidates fast: In a mass hiring process, it's important to be able to screen candidates quickly. This is where psychometric assessments can be a valuable tool. Psychometric assessments can help you screen candidates for specific skills and abilities, and they can also help you identify the best candidates for your company culture.
  • Make informed hiring decisions: Once you have screened your candidates, you need to make informed hiring decisions. This means considering all of the factors that are important to you, such as skills, experience, culture fit, and potential. It's also important to be able to justify your decisions to your team and to your stakeholders.
  • Onboard your top talents: Now that you have made your hiring decisions, it's important to onboard your top talents effectively. This means providing them with the resources they need to be successful in their new roles. It also means helping them feel welcome and supported in your company culture. 

Experts in Mass Hiring Use Online Pre-employment Assessments! 

The market for top talent is extremely competitive, with several companies vying for the same candidates. Hiring managers are willing to spend tons of money and time to recruit the right candidate. The competition for top talent is especially tough for small business owners, who have to compete with giants like Facebook and Amazon, especially with regards to onboarding candidates. How do you think the quality of hiring practices differs? Let's take a closer look .

  1. Amazon alone, hired  a record-shattering 2,800 employees per day at the start of 2020, and that has only continued in 2021. How do you think this was possible? Amazon uses a variety of skill assessments to screen the best candidates from its huge pool of aspirants. Tools like work style assessment, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and the Versant Test were uniquely customized to filter the most competent candidates. 
  2. IBM similarly, uses cognitive ability tests, work sample simulations, personality tests and voice and accent tests to filter out the unfit candidates  and shortlist potential employees. Using advanced recruitment tools has  also reduced hiring biases. It also led IBM to successfully achieve a  score of 9.9 out of 10 in diversity metrics.  
  3. Google, the global giant, makes informed hiring decisions after screening candidates through behavioral assessments, situational  judgment  tests, technical assessments, and finally, structured interviews. As per their research, this Google rule of four efficiently reduces time-to-hire quality candidates with a confidence rate of 86%. 
  4. Meta, unlike its competitors, outsources the recruitment and onboarding process. It uses mass hiring platforms like Mera, Hiretual, LinkedIn Talent Solution, Jobvite, and Workable which  are responsible for screening and assessing job-fit candidates for vacant positions. The career site platforms use several skill tests to find the best-qualified  candidates.
  5. Apple has an expert team of recruiters who handle talent acquisition and onboarding. Their team weeds out unfit candidates on the basis of results obtained by uniquely tailored online assessments.These ensure speed, quality, accuracy, and scalability of the workforce hired. The assessments check the cultural alignment of the applicants to Apple's unique workplace values and ethics. 

PMaps Campus Placement Assessment: Tailored For Bulk Hiring!

How can PMaps help you in campus hiring? Well, we have got the right assessment tool for mass hiring Gen-Z freshers. Our assessment typically works as a basic filter, and is open to values-based customisation. We measure candidates on the basis of the most sought-after fresher skills such as problem solving, time management, emotional management, professionalism, and so on . 

Now, let's help you get to know our tool better:

1. Expert in Bulk Hiring

Our campus placement assessment is designed to help you evaluate a large number of candidates at once. You can also keep track of the application statuses through our client-friendly dashboard. All in all, we can make the hectic campus hiring process scientific, bias-free, and efficient for you and your organization. 

2. Best Suited for Gen-Z Candidates

Our assessment is specifically designed to assess the skills and abilities that are most looked for while hiring Gen-Z candidates. We understand the unique needs of this generation, and construct assessments that are visually appealing and engaging. Our assessment is language-agnostic  and evaluates a diverse candidate pool without discriminatory bias.  

3. On-Campus Competencies College Students Must Have

  • General Intelligence: It is the foundation of the cognitive ability of a student. It includes competencies like analytics, reasoning, abstract thinking, memory, attention to detail, learning, and so on . 
  • Emotional Stability: It is the core of an individual's professional attitude. It explains behavior, management skills, dealing with situations, functioning under pressure and so on .  
  • Conscientiousness: It is the rock of a candidate's personality in regards to a particular job role. It includes their motivations, goal orientation, work ethic, job suitability, commitment, and so on .

4. Campus Intelligence: Capturing Industry Standards!

Our assessments continually track placement trends in campus hiring, so you can keep up with the industry standards while hiring Gen-Z candidates. We also provide analytic details of your hiring quality and progress against your competitors, encouraging you to make better decisions. 

5. Quick Assessment of Freshers

Our assessment is designed to be quick and easy for college students to take. The assessment can be completed in under an hour. We provide competent, virtual campus hiring tools that have a wide range of device compatibility and are fit for remote hiring with just basic access to the internet.


The talent market is a tough battle space even when you are mass hiring. However, there are several candidates of the highest quality available that can fit in well within your organization.  Plus, the use of psychometric assessments to screen candidates can make your work so much easier. So, do use the right campus placement assessment, so that you too, can make the right hiring decisions with accurate information and predictions about your candidates. 

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Performance Appraisals - Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about performance appraisal commonly asked questions:

Why is mass hiring a challenge for recruiters?

Mass hiring involves handling a large volume of applications, which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for recruiters. Screening through numerous applications, shortlisting candidates, and conducting interviews for multiple positions require significant effort and resources.

How can mass hiring be streamlined?

Mass hiring can be streamlined by implementing efficient hiring processes and leveraging technology. This includes setting clear hiring goals, developing a candidate sourcing strategy tailored to specific needs, using tools like psychometric assessments for quick candidate screening, making informed hiring decisions, and ensuring effective onboarding for new hires.

What role do psychometric assessments play in mass hiring?

Psychometric assessments play a crucial role in mass hiring by enabling quick and objective screening of candidates based on their skills, abilities, and suitability for the role and company culture. These assessments help recruiters identify top talents efficiently and make informed hiring decisions within a short timeframe.

How can recruiters justify their hiring decisions in mass hiring scenarios?

Recruiters can justify their hiring decisions in mass hiring scenarios by considering various factors such as skills, experience, culture fit, and potential when evaluating candidates. They should ensure transparency in the hiring process and be able to explain their decisions to the hiring team and stakeholders based on objective assessment data and candidate performance.

What are the key steps in implementing a successful mass hiring strategy?

Implementing a successful mass hiring strategy involves setting clear hiring goals, mapping out a candidate sourcing strategy, screening candidates efficiently, making informed hiring decisions, and providing effective onboarding for new hires. By following these steps and leveraging appropriate tools and technologies, recruiters can streamline the mass hiring process and achieve their hiring objectives effectively.

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