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5 Benefits Of Digital Invigilation To Better Remote Hiring In 2023

Pratisrutee Mishra
July 4, 2023

Digital Invigilation has become one of the most-adopted  tools for every recruiter in the 21st century. Gauging the skills and proficiencies of youngsters can be demanding, sometimes. This is because hunting for top talent might make you meet  candidates who are creative enough to cheat in various ways ! You may think that older individuals are more mature, more motivated, and less likely to cheat. But who knows?

In fact, 61 percent of 14,000 undergraduates admitted to cheating  on assignments and exams as per survey reports. This is more than half the volume of participants. It means cheating in an examination cannot  be prevented. However, it should not become a reason for your bad hire. In this article, we attempt to share our best knowledge on identifying these exam offenders with  the help of online proctoring technology.

What is Remote Invigilation?

Remote invigilation is essentially the act of monitoring exam attendees from a distant location. Unlike a  natural exam setting, online proctoring works with or without the presence of a human monitor. It is equipped with technically advanced sensors that identify suspicious movements and motions of candidates during exams. These include  eye movements, body posture, and sounds coming from the natural background. 

This technology  can also identify on-screen  activities, such as shifting browsers, or using materials stored in the system. This technology even identifies unknown gadgets plugged into the system and warns the examinees as per the exam code of conduct. The  switch-browser option can also be a way to prevent cheating. However, it  might not withstand  the creative techniques that  youngsters use  to dodge your invigilation. Even a Wiley Survey scientifically supports this premise .

3 Most Adapted Online Invigilation Proctoring Methods Of Modern Day

Online proctoring technology established itself during the pandemic by servicing the different industries affected by the pandemic . Currently, the world has accepted and adopted  the benefits it has to offer. The technology is a cloud-based Learning Management System that can be customized according to  various situational and personal requirements. There are generally three types of proctors to suit the examiners' unique needs. 

  • Live Online Proctoring: Real-time proctoring involves a human invigilator. They monitor the broadcasting data accessed directly from the webcam, speaker, and live screen recording of the candidate's system. They can warn about, or record suspicious behavior as proof to eliminate the candidate. This can be beneficial if only a few candidates are taking the  exams. 
  • Recorded Proctoring: Recording of the activities that the candidate performs throughout the test is shared with examiners for review. The invigilators passively review these recordings and point out suspicious movements and actions. This allows the examiners to judge the test takers  in the examiners'  own comfortable space and time. 
  • Advanced Auto Proctoring: Advanced AI proctoring comes  equipped with strong sensors that can identify discrepant behavior on the part of  the candidate. This is behavior that deviates from the code of exam conduct. It warns the test takers  to stop  the suspicious behavior, captures snapshots, and also records audios and videos. It also monitors browser switches, unknown gadgets, and candidate surroundings. 

Top 5 Benefits of Remote Invigilation 

Believe it or not, digital proctors are the new  invigilators. The invention of scientific assessments has compelled the development of remote invigilation technology. This  not only serves  the necessity for  fool-proof assessing, but also helps test administrators observe the exam behavior of their candidates


Modern problems need  modern solutions. PMaps brings you assessments with the additional proficiency of digital invigilation. Now, no conduct of hiring assessments will be considered  unreliable. So, dive  into robust hiring days with success  and confidence. Our technology can back you up with pre-employment tests that include remote invigilation. This ensures that you will save a considerable amount of money, as well as time hiring only the best candidates!

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PMaps Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about PMaps through commonly asked questions:

What is digital invigilation?

Digital invigilation, also known as online proctoring, is a technology-enabled method used by recruiters to monitor and supervise remote exams or assessments. It ensures the integrity of the assessment process by preventing cheating and maintaining fairness.

Why is digital invigilation important for remote hiring?

Digital invigilation allows recruiters to conduct remote assessments securely, eliminating the need for candidates to travel to a physical location for exams. It provides flexibility for both recruiters and candidates, especially in remote or distributed work environments.

How does digital invigilation prevent cheating?

Digital invigilation uses various methods such as live proctoring, AI-based monitoring, and screen recording to detect and deter cheating behaviors during assessments. This includes monitoring candidates' behavior, detecting unusual activities, and flagging suspicious behavior for review.

What are the benefits of digital invigilation for recruiters?

Increased security and integrity of assessment process, flexibility in scheduling and conducting remote assessments, cost-effectiveness compared to traditional in-person proctoring, ability to reach a wider pool of candidates regardless of geographic location, and enhanced candidate experience with convenient and accessible assessment options.

How can recruiters implement digital invigilation effectively?

Recruiters can implement digital invigilation effectively by selecting the right online proctoring platform, providing clear instructions to candidates, ensuring technical compatibility, maintaining privacy and data security, and conducting regular training for proctors.

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