The Secret Mantra to Identifying High-Potential Talent

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Sonali Sawant
May 6, 2024

💡Key Insights: Addressing Performance Management Challenges

Did you know? 58% of executives believe their performance review systems don't boost employee performance or engagement, with 52% of HR leaders actively seeking better tech solutions. These statistics highlight a critical need for change in how we approach talent management.

Our Mantra: Identify, Train, and Retain.

These three core pillars drive our strategy to develop and maintain top talent, turning challenges into opportunities for team growth. Explore our High Potential Assessment to empower this transformation.

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I Want to Hear From You! What challenges do you face in your current appraisal strategies?

Share your experiences with me at, and let’s discuss how we can make them more effective together. We look forward to your feedback and wishing you a month of insightful decisions and standout leadership!

🌟This Month’s Highlights🌟

🚀HR Tech Showcase:

Catch the excitement from our latest HRTech Singapore Demo Hour featuring Bansi Mehta. See our precision assessments in action - Click below to Watch Now!

🚀Celebrating SGx5 Cohort Completion 🎉:

Proud to have participated in the SGX5 Cohort, where we gained invaluable insights from SaaS industry experts, elevating PMaps to new heights. Read More!

SGX 5th Cohort

🚀TeamLease Integration Success:

Enhanced digital learning and employability through our strategic integration with TeamLease's Digivarsity platform. Read Case Study.

Teamlease Edtech Integration Case Study

🚀Subscription Journey Unveiled:

Begin with a sign-up, get 5 free tokens, and enjoy full access to our Test Library, career page, and basic reports. Ready to upgrade? Start Here!

PMaps Sign Up Page

🚀Introducing Enhanced Descriptive Reports & Seamless Integration with PMaps Assessments!

We're excited to announce significant upgrades to our HRtech platform that are set to transform how you assess and integrate talent insights seamlessly.

- Real-Time Descriptive Reporting:

Now, our clients can access real-time descriptive reports through our innovative HRtech dashboard. This new feature allows you to delve deep into in-depth trends and analytics across various variables, providing a comprehensive view of assessment outcomes. It’s designed to enhance your decision-making process with actionable insights at your fingertips.

Descriptive Dashboard
- Seamless Integration on Your Career Page:

Enhance the candidate experience and streamline your evaluation process by embedding PMaps Assessment links directly on your career page. This update ensures a smooth assessment experience for candidates and a more efficient evaluation process for HR professionals. Now, tracking and analyzing candidate performance is more integrated and less cumbersome, making your recruitment process as efficient as possible.

Career Page Integration

These upgrades are part of our commitment to providing you with state-of-the-art tools that empower your organization to recruit and retain top talent effectively. Explore these new features today and transform your talent assessment strategy!

🚀Google for Startups Accelerator Success:

We’re thrilled to announce the successful completion of the Google for Startups Accelerator - Women Founders, India. A special shoutout to our co-founder, Tarvinder Kaur, for leading us through this inspiring journey alongside 19 other remarkable startups. Celebrate Our Journey!

Google Startup Accelerator for Women Founders - Tarvinder Kaur with Bansi and Nisha

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Case Studies

Get informed when we create and distribute a webinar on the right topics, delivered live, or right to your mailbox

Test Cards

Get informed when we create and distribute a webinar on the right topics, delivered live, or right to your mailbox

High Potential Employees Assessment

25 Min
type bar
Middle Level
Middle Level

Spotlights individuals with exceptional adaptability, innovation, and leadership potential.

Leadership Skills Assessment Test

45 Mins
type bar
Senior Level
Senior Level

Evaluates visionary thinking and the ability to inspire and guide teams towards goals.

Management Skills Assessment Test

20 Mins
type bar
Senior Level
Senior Level

Evaluates leadership abilities, strategic planning, team motivation, and effective communication essential for top-tier.

Team Leader Assessment Test

30 Mins
type bar
Middle Level
Middle Level

Evaluates problem-solving, decision-making, and interpersonal skills, identifying potential leaders who can drive team .


Get informed when we create and distribute a webinar on the right topics, delivered live, or right to your mailbox

Client Testimonials

Get informed when we create and distribute a webinar on the right topics, delivered live, or right to your mailbox

Teamlease Edtech
Shantanu Rooj

PMaps has remarkably enhanced our platform’s accessibility and usability, making it language-agnostic and more user-friendly for all our candidates creating impact in their caree journey.

Tech Mahindra
Anjalie Chaudhary

With PMaps leadership assessments, we have been able to align our talent development with our strategic objectives. These tools have given us the clarity to design focused training programs, leading to a significant impact on our organizational effectiveness and leadership alignment.

Preeti Shirke

The PMaps team has been extremely forthcoming and receptive to the requirements we have shared. The solution that has been designed and customized to suit our requirements has been very well received.

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