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Top 7 Psychometric Tests Companies in 2023

HR Trends
Pratisrutee Mishra
August 7, 2023

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There are psychometric assessments and then, there are psychometric assessments. There are several companies in the psychometric tests space that can provide you with a range of assessments to hire suitable candidates. However, not all these companies are equal. Some are better known than others. In this article, we'll talk about the top psychometric assessment companies in the psychometric assessment space in 2023. But first, we'll take an in-depth look at psychometric assessments. So, here goes…

What exactly are Psychometric Tests all about?

Psychometric tests are different tests created by psychologists and psychometricians at top psychometric assessment companies that assess and measure both cognitive ability and personality traits. Psychometric assessments can help you, as a hiring manager assess and evaluate abilities and skills that cannot be assessed based solely on a person's Resume or interview.

Psychometric assessments can be used both pre-hire and post-hire. Employers use psychometric tests during the recruitment process because there is, typically, a high correlation between psychometric test scores and job performance. Most psychometric tests fall into two buckets: Personality assessments and Aptitude tests. The former includes leadership potential, competency potential, values, culture fit, motivation, behaviors, and so on. The latter includes tests that assess numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical thinking, abstract reasoning, situational judgment, and so on. 

Why Psychometric Tests Are Important

Psychometric tests are important for several reasons. Some of these reasons are:

1. They more accurately predict job performance:

According to certain studies, psychometric tests are 14 times more likely to predict job performance, than a selection interview alone. They provide a standardized and effective way to predict how well a candidate will be able to perform on the job. Psychometric tests help companies make an informed decision regarding the hiring of a potential candidate.

2. They more accurately predict organizational performance:

Psychometric tests, when used for hiring, contribute positively to organizational performance by improving employee retention rates; reducing cost-per-hire; decreasing employee turnover, and resulting in higher levels of employee engagement and motivation. These tests are essential in selecting high-performing candidates and ensuring a high-quality workforce.

3. They are convenient:

Psychometric tests, especially those that are online tests, can be used to mass-hire candidates at the click of a button. This means that psychometric assessments are less time-consuming than other selection procedures, such as interviews and assessment centers. This is especially the case when the psychometric test has multiple-choice questions. Once candidates complete the psychometric assessment, their reports are generated within minutes, thereby considerably saving time. This makes psychometric assessments ideal for high-volume recruitment, pre-employment screening, and in busy human resource departments.

4. They provide a significant Return on Investment (ROI):

High-performing candidates produce on average, 43% more revenue than an averagely-performing candidate, according to a study. What's more, the cost of using an online psychometric testing platform will result in better and quicker hires, thereby saving you considerable money.

Why do companies use psychometric tests to hire?

There are several very good reasons why companies use psychometric assessments as part of their candidate selection process and as part of their employee development process. Some of these reasons are:

1. They eliminate unconscious bias:

Recruiters, being human, have their own unconscious biases and beliefs. Psychometric tests, however, are science-based and so, they provide businesses with an unbiased report, which helps to assess whether the candidate will fit into the company. When you, as a recruiter, use a well-researched and well-calibrated psychometric test, you increase the objectivity and fairness of your selection process. Employees can be selected based on merit, using standardized and fair tests, rather than biased methods of selection. Therefore, psychometric assessments can help companies accurately assess a candidate's aptitude and personality in order to make the recruitment process easier and more objective.

2. They provide real and key additional data:

Psychometric tests provide employers with greater insights into potential employees, which may not be captured through Resumes and interviews alone. Psychometric tests can also act as a strong filter, especially for those businesses that are hiring for screening criteria, such as cultural fit and alignment of vision. They also provide data regarding whether candidates possess the specific skills needed for the job role.

3. They help with the short-term and long-term development of employees:

Psychometric tests help you to know your candidate's strengths and weaknesses. This can help you come up with individual development plans (IDPs) for each employee, thereby contributing to their development.

4. They can be used by businesses of all sizes:

Psychometric tests need not be used only by large firms or conglomerates. They can be used for pre-hire and post-hire purposes by companies of different sizes. Small and medium businesses, particularly, gain a great deal by using psychometric assessments, as the latter helps them get a real sense of the candidate's strengths and personality in the first instance itself.

What are the best online psychometric tests tools?

We shall now talk about the top 7 psychometric online assessment tools. These psychometric assessment tools can help you and your company recruit the right candidates in the right way at the right time…

1. PMaps:

The PMaps integrated platform enables recruiters to measure workplace competencies across the employee life cycle. PMaps is unique in that it offers assessments that are visual-based, language-agnostic, quick, fun, and specially tailored to Gen Z candidates. 

What's also important, is that all of PMaps' assessments are highly predictive in nature. This means that a high candidate score on a PMaps assessment can accurately predict high performance on-the-job by that particular candidate. Most of PMaps' assessments can be completed in under 30 minutes, thereby almost completely eliminating test-taker fatigue. PMaps also offers its clients a best-in-class proctoring technology that prevents test fraud.

PMaps uses images to gauge a candidate's suitability for the job role. PMaps' assessments effectively and efficiently measure the skill, personality, and language of job seekers, thereby almost completely eliminating bias during the hiring process. PMaps' assessments are backed by research and are validated for fairness and accuracy. PMaps also offers its clients behavioral tests. What's more, PMaps helps its clients mass hire candidates. PMaps provides its clients with robust data security, and PMaps can be integrated with the HRMS of most companies. PMaps uses Machine Learning models to create and deploy cutting-edge assessments. 

PMaps offers pre-hire assessmentspost-hire assessments and engagement assessments. The pre-hire assessments include behavioral assessments, skills assessments, and cognitive assessments. Behavioral assessments further include Sales Assessments and Customer Service Assessments. PMaps' post-hire assessments include the Managerial Assessment, the Leadership Assessment, the High-Potential Assessment, and Engagement Surveys. Other assessments by PMaps include the Culture Assessment, the Employability Assessment, the Campus Hiring Assessment, and the Blue-Collar Hiring Assessment. Also, PMaps can customize their assessments to suit the requirements of organizations across different companies and different industries. 

So, PMaps helps you hire right, hire smart, and hire faster!

2. TestGorilla:

TestGorilla helps its clients test for different job-specific skills, with tests such as coding tests and digital marketing tests, as well as more general skills, such as critical thinking. Moreover, it offers value tests that enable you to get to know the personality and values of your candidates. 

Clients can view video responses from their candidates, thereby having insight into their personalities. As a recruiter, you can create and save custom questions that you want to ask your candidates. These custom questions can be re-used from previous assessments.

3. SHL:

SHL provides its clients with a wide array of targeted candidate assessments. It also offers highly predictive and scientifically-robust analytics tools. Its solutions are global, scalable, integrated, and customizable. SHL helps its clients build diverse, agile, and flexible teams. 

4. Predictive Index (PI):

Predictive Index measures behavioral drives, such as Dominance, Extraversion, Patience, and Formality. It also measures Cognitive Ability. PI and its Design Software helps its clients build high-performing teams with data and not only a gut feel. 

5. Testlify:

Testlify provides recruiters with an HR Tech Tool that focuses on better recruitment, without the need for the manual screening of Resumes. 

Testlify's talent assessment software evaluates employees and candidates based on skills, behavior, and personality traits. It helps HR professionals make informed hiring decisions. 

6. Mettl:

Mettl is an online talent assessment platform that offers psychometric and aptitude tests, as well as IT and non-IT domain tests on a secure sAAs platform. Mettl creates customized assessments across the employee lifecycle for different industries and different companies. These include pre-hiring tests, candidate skills assessments, training and development programs for employees and candidates, certification exams, and more. 

Mettl's Talent Assessments measure core traits, such as personality traits, behavioral tendencies, and cognitive ability. They also measure acquired skills, such as domain skills, coding skills, and communication skills.

7. Xobin:

Xobin offers its clients online assessment software for pre-employment testing and job skill assessments. Xobin's pre-hire screening tests and psychometric tests span several industries, including Technology, Marketing, Finance, HR, and Operations. Xobin identifies the job fit of candidates by using Situational Judgment Tests. Xobin also offers job-specific psychometric testing, with tests such as the Sales Ability Test, the Insurance Advisor Test, and the Customer Support Test.

So, you see, there is not just one assessment provider in the universe. You can pick and choose the assessment provider you want by studying each option and deciding on the one that suits you best. Each of the above assessment providers can help you hire better, hire quicker, and hire smart. Their features differ but they all have one thing in common…the effective and efficient use of technology to provide their clients with the best-in-class assessment experience.

The assessment provider space continues to evolve and will only get more cutting-edge and diverse as time goes by. So, do analyze the hiring needs of your organization and choose the best assessment provider as per your and your organization's needs. Here's to the best assessment experience for both you and your candidates…ever!

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Frequently Asked Questions-Job Specification Vs Job Description

Learn more about this blog through the commonly asked questions:

What are psychometric tests, and why are they important in the hiring process?

Psychometric tests are assessments designed by psychologists to measure cognitive abilities and personality traits. They play a crucial role in the hiring process by providing valuable insights into candidates' suitability for specific roles based on their competencies and traits.

How do employers benefit from using psychometric tests during recruitment?

Employers benefit from psychometric tests as they help in identifying the most suitable candidates for job roles by evaluating their cognitive abilities, personality traits, and other relevant factors. These assessments serve as reliable predictors of job performance, aiding employers in making informed hiring decisions.

What are the main types of psychometric tests, and what do they measure?

The main types of psychometric tests include personality assessments and aptitude tests. Personality assessments evaluate traits like leadership potential, values, and behaviors, while aptitude tests measure abilities such as numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and critical thinking.

How can employers integrate psychometric tests into their recruitment process effectively?

Employers can integrate psychometric tests into their recruitment process by partnering with reputable assessment companies. These companies offer a range of assessments tailored to specific job roles and industries, enabling employers to evaluate candidates effectively and make data-driven hiring decisions.

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