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Top 10 Sales Assessment Tools

Pratisrutee Mishra
July 4, 2023

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A quick update80% of sales representatives evaluated on the basis of their performance were found to be delivering ‘unsatisfactory results'! 

The less-than-satisfactory performance of individual sales reps poses a major challenge  that most sales teams suffer from. And the gap  traces back to faulty sales hiring practices. It is high time you  ditch the traditional resume screening practices and adopt  data-driven candidate evaluation and decision making. 

This is exactly what sales assessments will help you do. But, which sales assessment would be a reliable replacement? Now, you need not go from blog to blog and read about all the sales assessments available today . In this article we have collated  information about  the top 10 sales assessments for your convenience. 

Before diving into the 10 best sales assessment tools, here are some important points that you should keep in mind. And you should also look for them in the tools as we proceed. 

  • Assessment alignment with your company
  • Sales competencies measured by the psychometric assessment
  • Availability of customization
  • Proctoring facility
  • Bias detection system
  • Reliability and validity
  • Type and format of the assessment

Top 10 Sales Assessment Tools

  1. PMaps Sales Assessment

The PMaps Sales Aptitude Test objectively evaluates the candidates on the basis of their sales skills. It assesses  the negotiation, outreach, and closing abilities of the sales representative. And it ensures that sales candidates filtered through this tool are capable of delivering superior  on-job performance. 

2. iMocha Sales Assessment

The iMocha Sales Assessment is an alternative data-driven  solution to many hiring hurdles that sales employers experience. It provides a holistic view of the candidate's profile and checks for the job-role  fitment in depth. It also obtains the necessary details about areas of improvement to help the sales representative's onboarding and orientation in the team.

3. Mettl Sales Assessment

Mettl Mercer's Sales Assessment tool views the candidate profile through the lens of important sales competencies. It obtains real time data about the sales candidates and analyzes their abilities and traits in accordance with  your company requirements. It offers you the ease of filtering out unfit candidates from the comfort of your home.

4. Vervoe Sales Assessment

The Vervoe Sales Assessment Tool evaluates skills as well as the influence of experience in every candidate. It ensures that the sales representatives hired through their tool are capable of meeting the company's sales targets. The sales assessment Vervoe provides is completely remote, reliable, and globally validated.

5. TestGorilla Sales Assessment

TestGorilla Sales Assessment is one of the better pre-employment tools for sales recruitment. It checks the candidate's ability to perform on-the-job and provides a predictive analysis about the  candidate's profile. It ensures that the onboarding of sales representatives is data-driven and seamless. It is thoroughly designed to be engaging as well as  challenging for your sales candidates.

6. Skill Sales Assessment

The eSkill Sales Pre-employment Assessment allows you to customize the items as per your convenience. It tests the sales representatives on the basis of the core competencies that are required to prosper in the field of sales. They identify the high-potential  sales candidates and weed out the ones who are not fit for your company.

7. Harver Sales Assessment

The Harver Sales Profiler Test is known for its ability to screen the sales candidates with a high accuracy of job performance. It provides an in-depth report on the sales representative with a thorough analysis of key sales competencies. It also helps the clients with the identification of effective training and development programmes.

8. The Predictive Index Sales Assessment

The Predictive Index Sales Assessment, as the name goes, is one of the best differentiators of predictive index. It takes references from job profiles and identifies the most ideal profile . It ensures that the candidates that are hired  perform  well and achieve  the expected sales targets.

9. Moodle Sales Assessment

The Moodle Sales Assessment can be seamlessly integrated with the client recruitment softwares. It gauges the soft and hard skills of sales candidates. It ensures that the candidates passing through this test have the right proportion of soft and hard skills. Moreover, it provides training and development feedback on each of the candidate profiles.

10. TestDome Sales Assessment

The TestDome Sales Assessment assesses candidates for a variety of sales roles such as B2B, inside sales, B2C, telesales, and so on. It evaluates the problem-solving abilities, the willingness to engage with clients, and the prospecting of sales. It also analyzes the claimed expertise and experience of the candidates by objectively evaluating their abilities and capabilities.


Salespeople were the second-highest  employees in demand, according to LinkedIn Stats. This  indicates that there is cut-throat competition among  various industries to hire the best sales candidates. This makes selecting the right sales assessment and hiring  the right sales talents for your organization ahead of your competitors not only necessary, but imperative.

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PMaps Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about PMaps through commonly asked questions:

What is the significance of sales assessments?

Sales assessments help organizations evaluate candidates' suitability for sales roles based on their skills, personality traits, and potential for success. By using data-driven evaluation methods, sales assessments aim to improve hiring decisions and reduce turnover rates among sales representatives.

Why are traditional resume screening practices considered inadequate for sales hiring?

Traditional resume screening practices often fail to provide a comprehensive understanding of candidates' sales abilities, as they primarily focus on qualifications and past experiences. This approach may overlook crucial factors such as personality traits, motivation, and sales aptitude, leading to ineffective hiring decisions.

What factors should be considered when selecting a sales assessment tool?

When selecting a sales assessment tool, it's essential to consider factors such as the validity and reliability of the assessment, customization options to align with specific job requirements, ease of administration, scalability for large-scale hiring, integration with existing HR systems, and compliance with legal and ethical standards.

What are some common features to look for in sales assessment tools?

Common features to look for in sales assessment tools include predictive analytics for identifying top sales talent, benchmarking capabilities to compare candidates against high-performing sales professionals, role-specific assessments tailored to different sales roles, actionable insights for personalized development plans, and user-friendly interfaces for both administrators and candidates.

How can organizations ensure the effectiveness of sales assessments in their hiring process?

Organizations can ensure the effectiveness of sales assessments by integrating them into their hiring workflows, training recruiters and hiring managers on how to interpret assessment results, validating assessment findings through structured interviews and reference checks, and continuously refining assessment criteria based on performance data and feedback.

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