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Importance of Language Test in Recruitment - Assess Voice and Accent to hire the Right Talent

Pratisrutee Mishra
March 1, 2023

Bad grammar grates and good grammar galvanizes. 

This is just one of the reasons why good grammar and language is at a premium. And nowhere and at no time is this more apparent than during recruitment. Yes, we are talking about proficiency in the English language! So, as a recruiter, the question arises…

Should you test for English-language proficiency during recruitment? 

You see, it is possible that your dream candidate will have all the attributes you have ever wanted in a candidate, except for proficiency in the English language. So, should you hire this person? That's a question we'll try to answer in this article…Read on…

It is more than likely that your business is operating in an extremely competitive global environment. Most businesses realize the importance of language proficiency in new and experienced hires. Most businesses also realize that if candidates are not tested for language proficiency, it can lead to miscommunication or worse.

So, increasingly, companies, such as yours, are using language assessments as part of their hiring process. Language assessments are used not only when hiring new candidates but also when determining which candidates should be promoted…or not. If you want to do business well, efficiently, and productively, you need employees that can communicate easily and effectively.

Why you should test for language proficiency when hiring

There are several reasons why you should assess for English-language proficiency and skills during the recruitment process. Some of them are:

To test for candidate fluency

Many roles, especially customer-facing roles, demand a great deal of fluency in spoken and written English. The right language assessment test can help you determine which candidates are fluent in English at an advanced level, and which candidates are struggling to communicate.

To easily shortlist suitable candidates

You can use the right language assessment to narrow the field by eliminating unsuitable candidates right at the start of the hiring process. This will, in the long run, save you a great deal of money and time. You can use the language assessment test to identify the very best candidates and weed out the rest, separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

To determine the right fit for the role and culture fit

It is imperative that you hire candidates that will fit well into the job role and are also a good fit in your organization's culture. When you assess your candidates for written and spoken English-language skills you eliminate those that are not suitable for the role and for your organization. You can also combine the right language assessment test with a culture-assessment test to determine culture-fit.

To help the right candidates shine:

Sometimes, it is not easy for certain candidates to stand out from the pack, even if they are absolutely right for the role. When you administer the right language assessment test, you can help such candidates shine so you can easily hire the right candidates.

To identify the strengths and weaknesses of candidates

Learning the English language is often a lifelong endeavor. By administering the right language assessment test, you can help candidates determine their level of English-language proficiency and also their strengths and weaknesses. This language assessment can help you highlight where a candidate excels and where they need to improve.

To determine which candidates need training in the English language

When you administer the right language assessment, you will know which candidates or employees can benefit from basic and advanced training in the English language. This can help you exponentially ramp up your business.

To reduce the number of “wrong hires” 

A bad hire can cost your company a great deal of resources and money. When you hire right after administering a language proficiency test you help reduce customer complaints and the waste of time, money, and resources. Not only this, but by selecting language-proficient candidates, you are avoiding miscommunication and other uncomfortable situations. This is because language-proficient candidates are able to complete their language-dependent tasks quickly and are also able to communicate effectively in customer-facing roles. Also, employees who are proficient in the English language will feel more motivated and happier, as they are able to do the job well.

To ensure motivation and job success

While hiring the right candidate is important, it is equally, if not more important to retain the right employees. This is especially the case today, with the advent of talent wars. When you hire or retain candidates and employees who have the right English-language skills for the position, you ensure the success of your company. This is because such candidates and employees are more likely to feel motivated and to perform at their best.

So, you see, assessing for English-language skills, especially for certain roles, is not an option but an imperative. However, before you jump in with administering a language assessment test, you need to be absolutely sure that you have chosen the right one. 

Let's talk a bit more about this in the next section…

About the right Voice & Accent Test

The right Voice & Accent test can help you hire the right Customer Service Executives (CSEs) or help you hire for other customer-facing roles, by assessing the English-language skills that are needed for the job. The right Voice Assessment test should be quick, fun, and social, which means it is easy to both take and administer. The right Voice Assessment test should have the following features:


The test should be tailored to different industries and different organizations. This ensures that you are using this test in exactly the way you want to, thereby hiring right every single time.

Short and enjoyable test time

This test should be completed in under 30 minutes. As this is a short test, candidates are more likely to answer truthfully, as there is very little test-taker fatigue. Also, most of the questions can be in the form of audio, video, images, simulations, and situational scenarios. This ensures that the test is both quick and enjoyable.

Flexible test-delivery mode

This test should be taken on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, thereby ensuring your convenience.

Inbuilt proctoring

With the right language assessment test, you should be able to supervise your candidates even if they are taking the test in a remote location.

Suitable for different demographics

This test should be taken for different generations of candidates. It is especially suited for Gen Z candidates, but can be taken for other generations, such as Baby Boomers, Gen X candidates, and Millennials as well. This test contains customized fields for different demographics.

Detailed test reports

Once your candidates take the test, the vendor should provide you with a detailed report about their performance. These individual reports should be provided on a real-time basis.

Integration with HRMS

This test should be seamlessly integrated with your organization's HR processes. This Voice and Accent Assessment test should be able to combine with all the different HR functions to get the best results.

Stringent data security

This automated language test should be fully secure and delivered over a secure cloud platform. It should also use a dedicated cloud with SSL certification. This ensures that your company data is fully secure and moreover, is only visible and available to those that you choose to make it available to.

Modules available

You should be able to choose to avail of separate modules rather than the entire test if you so wish. Some of the different test modules that you can choose from, are Written Communication, Spoken Communication, and Comprehension and Solutioning.

Superior assessment experience

The right language assessment test should give candidates a very positive testing experience so that they come away with a positive impression of your company. This means that you can hire the best candidates in what is a very competitive job market.

Can be used in multiple industries

 The right language assessment test should be used in different industries, such as KPO/Captive, Financial Services, Hospitality, Consulting, Retail/FMCG, Insurance, Healthcare, Ecommerce, NBFC, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, and IT/ITes.

Co-branding available

You should be able to partner with the assessment vendor to co-brand the test as per your organization and industry. You can also avail of white labeling. This will help you create a strategic alliance that will benefit your organization in many ways.

If you want all of these features in your language assessment test, you need to partner with PMaps to help you hire smart and hire better. The PMaps language assessment test, also called eVA, offers you all of the features listed and some more…

Benefits of the PMaps eVA test

The PMaps eVA test also has certain benefits, some of which are:

  • Industry-wise simulation
  • Machine Learning-based evaluation
  • Detailed test report
  • Customer question library
  • Accent Neutral Assessment

So, now you know whom to get in touch with, to choose the right Voice & Accent test…PMaps! Not only will you come away with an easy and seamless testing experience, but you will also be able to choose the right candidates who are extremely proficient in the English language and will fit in well in their job role and within your organization.

So, now, as you have probably guessed, the short answer as to whether you need to hire for English-language proficiency is…Yes! Here's to hiring right and hiring smart for language proficiency…one hire…or multiple hires…at a time!

To know more about how you can use the right language assessment test for your organization, call PMaps at +91 770-919-6077, or then, email us at, or get in touch through our website

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PMaps Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about PMaps through commonly asked questions:

Why is language proficiency essential in recruitment?

Language proficiency ensures effective communication and minimizes misunderstandings in the workplace.

Should recruiters test for English proficiency?

Yes, testing for English proficiency helps ensure candidates can meet communication requirements for the job.

What are the risks of hiring candidates with poor English skills?

Hiring candidates with poor English skills can lead to miscommunication, decreased productivity, and potential customer dissatisfaction.

How do language assessments benefit businesses in hiring and promotion decisions?

Language assessments help identify candidates who can communicate effectively, improving teamwork, customer interactions, and overall business performance.

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