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Coding Assessments That You Must Not Miss!

Pratisrutee Mishra
August 7, 2023

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What do you look for in your coding candidate? A good nerdy vibe or the cool, abstractly-dressed with messed up hair vibe? Either way, you may have assumed that it was a man dressed up in both possible situations. If so, this is an example of gender bias. No wonder, the ratio of women and men in programming occupations is > 91.88% and approximately 5% worldwide, respectively. It is not that women are any less competent to take up the job role of a developer, but that they are still subject to stereotypical gender roles that make them seem and feel inferior.  

It is necessary for society and especially for hiring managers to reflect on their flaws in perception. This will help them remedy their pre-assumptions about the competence of different individuals through the lens of biases. Today, 40-50% of women are enrolled in coding classes and are learning AI operations. This is creating a bigger and better platform of competition in the tech industry. 

To find a skillful coder, you must be equipped with advanced candidate-assessing tools. These do not only eliminate your hiring biases but also limit your  expenditure of money and time. Coding assessments are modern-day recruitment tools that are largely adopted to gauge the skillfulness of your applicants. This article will take you down the high-tech road of online coding tests, their benefits, and their practical utility. 

What Is a Coding Assessment?

Coding assessments are job-specific pre-employment tests that evaluate the candidates' competency for being a coder. It is simply an AI-empowered tool that assesses the behavioral, non-programming, and programming skills of candidates. It then issues a detailed test report for all the profiles through a  cloud base, keeping the environment and smart data management in mind.

The PMaps Coding Assessment is special and unique, in that it can gauge your applicants' proficiency in more than 10 programming languages. It provides you with an automated coding evaluation that ensures accurate scoring for all candidates who attempt the test. The test follows a partial gradation format that adds accuracy to its objective. But the best part of all is that it provides a  flexible and customized question bank. It only focuses on your unique requirements of assessing your candidates' skills and standards as a coder. 

What Does the Programmer Skill Test Assess?

Coming back to the main question, the coding assessment evaluates the candidate's fitment into your team. It analyzes and predicts the years of retention for each candidate. It eliminates hiring biases and gives clarity to your final hiring decisions. And this is done by setting up test items that gauge the 4 essential programming competencies. These are: 

Behavioral Attributes: 

As per a research finding, a good programmer is 10 times more productive than a bad programmer, and  3 times more productive than an average developer. This is irrespective of their qualifications in the field. What makes the programmers good, bad, or average, is their independent drive to work towards a goal in mind, as also, their  consistent efforts for maintaining a good performance.

Programming Skills: 

As per HackerRank's 2020 Developer Skills report, 37.6% of hiring managers look for full stack developers. They look for those who  can perform a wide range of tasks and solve several different programming language problems. Hence, assessing candidates' expertise for  solving real-time programming language concerns becomes important. This is done by organizing a set of coding stimulators in the coding assessment. 

Attention To Detail: 

Coding demands hyper focused work schedules. These can include  uninterrupted sessions of one to two hours each. The attention span of coders should be at least 25 minutes, as per the Pomodoro Technique of focused working. The ability to concentrate on the minute details and create error-free  code makes a coder an efficient developer.

Logical Reasoning: 

Coding strengthens intellect, and intellect ensures efficient coding. According to a study in 2013, certain cognitive demands of coding improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills in real-life scenarios . The use  of common sense and the application of scientific knowledge to arrive at a conclusion is  a vital skill for developers to survive in the tech industry. 


PMaps' scientific coding assessments offer to solve your hiring problems in a matter of minutes, and also in a very cost-efficient way . Sounds like a good deal? We believe in recruiters who make informed decisions. It is you who can bring about  a positive change by accurately  choosing a  helping hand to hire the right coders for your organization!

Stay updated with our blogs to navigate the evolving landscape of online assessments. To know more about how you can use the right online talent assessments and psychometric tools for your organization, call PMaps at +91 8591320212, or then, email us at, or get in touch through our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about this blog through the commonly asked questions:

What are coding assessments?

Coding assessments are evaluation tools used by hiring managers to assess the coding skills and proficiency of job applicants. These assessments typically involve coding challenges or tasks that candidates must complete within a specified time frame.

Why are coding assessments important in the hiring process?

Coding assessments play a crucial role in the hiring process as they provide objective measures of a candidate's coding abilities. They help hiring managers identify candidates with the necessary technical skills and competencies required for the job role, leading to more informed hiring decisions.

How do coding assessments help mitigate hiring biases?

Coding assessments help mitigate hiring biases by providing an objective and standardized evaluation process. Unlike traditional interviews or resume screening, coding assessments focus solely on the candidate's coding abilities, eliminating biases based on factors such as gender, race, or appearance.

What are the benefits of using coding assessments in recruitment?

Using coding assessments in recruitment offers several benefits, including objective evaluation of candidates' coding skills, reduction of hiring biases and discrimination, efficient identification of top talent, and cost and time savings by streamlining the screening process.

How can hiring managers implement coding assessments effectively?

Hiring managers can implement coding assessments effectively by clearly defining the coding tasks or challenges relevant to the job role, choosing assessment platforms or tools with user-friendly interfaces, providing candidates with clear instructions and sufficient time, reviewing assessment results objectively, and incorporating coding assessments as part of a comprehensive hiring process.

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