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4 Best Proctoring Features To Prevent Cheating In Remote Hiring

Pratisrutee Mishra
April 4, 2023

Invigilating a job candidate in their presence might be easier and more preferable. But, are you aware of the demerits that come along with physical invigilation? When we assess the  balance between merits and demerits, physical invigilation falls short on reliability. On  the other hand, remote invigilation offers a bonus  by enabling examiners to assess their job applicants' on-test performance digitally. 

Physical  invigilation is prone to various misconduct tactics by  both the examiners and the examinees. For instance, a test taker  can be sly enough to sneak in cheat sheets, gadgets, or can  copy answers from others. Also , the invigilators sometimes fail to notice minor behavioral cues such as expressions and eye movements that are involved in cheating. 

More so, candidates today have  developed creative cheating strategies that easily dodge the attention of inspectors . The pandemic added accessibility problems to traditional hiring conditions as well as to exam conduction. Digitalization of examination programs then came to the rescue! Online assessments were now looking for online exam monitors to validate their administration process. 

There are many studies that claim the mean performance of test takers reduces under the administration of proctors. This article attempts to put a finger on the efficiency of new-day  digital invigilators. And to help you understand their present-day  utility. 

What Are Online Proctors?

Online proctors are AI-integrated  cheat-proof tools that help examiners to remotely conduct exams that are fair and unadulterated. Proctoring technologies are the modern-day  invigilators that monitor the exam behavior of the examinees in digital assessments. It restricts the test takers to engage in any misconduct by tracing their on-system activities and physical actions. 

This  monitoring is done through advanced technologies that keep a strict eye on the digital and physical activities of the examinees. The AI algorithms identify browser switching, face recognition, video monitoring, snapshots of candidates throughout exams, and voice detection. It also identifies and restricts foreign device connectivity to the system.

How Do Online Proctored Exams Work?

While conducting an exam offline, you must have at least two invigilators. Firstly, to check the candidates before they sit for the exam. Secondly, the one who monitors the examinees during the test session. Similarly, proctoring in the online assessments can help  you check the identity of your remote examinee and keep an eye out for any misconduct observed. 

Before Exam: 

The candidates who attend exams remotely through digital mode are prone to identity forgery. An accurate face and voice identification can assure that your examinee is your candidate. The pre-exam digital invigilation can prevent you from getting tricked by an imposter. 

During Exam: 

Digital proctors monitor the examinees' behavior while interacting with the digital assessments.  It notes every single movement of suspicion of the candidate while attending an exam. It warns the candidate on signs of misconduct like switching browser, pupil movements, micro-expressions, and distance from the camera. Furthermore, it ensures that your candidate has no access to external cheating materials or gadgets during the conduction of the assessments. 

4 Cheat-Proof Features of Online Proctoring

The digital proctoring technology ensures that you have your original candidate attending the assessment. You can check that there is no helper around the examinee. This technology identifies and allows only the required devices into the system. It has access to the candidate's webcam, speakerphone, and system screen to ensure that  the remote candidate does not  have an internal support from their system. Some features of the technology are hence included  in 4 forms, which  are:

  • Snapshots: Snapshots: Captures pictures and videos
  • Audio: Records candidates and their surrounding
  • Browser Switch Detection: Monitors their assessment screen
  • Face Verification: Checks the candidates' identities before the test starts and during the test

2 Ways of Proctoring System Utility

The utility of remote invigilation is not as complicated as it sounds. Yes, you got it right! You can now use two direct methods for enabling cheat-free hiring assessment conduction. Firstly, by system integration and secondly, by temporary add on service . Let's understand both of these  in detail. 

  • Integration: The service of proctoring can be integrated into the system of your exam takers. This is in order to  operate the software and observe the candidates first hand. There is no third party involvement. 
  • Service: In this case, the proctor setup will be operated by the organization that is providing you with the skills assessments. The results will be shared with you according to your requirements. 


The PMaps proctoring setup allows you to enjoy the privileges of secure,  online exam conduction. It is cost-efficient, more accurate, and easily accessible. The digitalization of various methods of assessing job applicants contributes in encouraging a wide range of candidate accessibility. It increases your outreach and provides  you with the ease of screening candidates widely. Connect with us through our  website, at, or call us at +91 7709196077 for more information. 

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PMaps Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about PMaps through commonly asked questions:

What is digital invigilation and how does it differ from physical invigilation?

Digital invigilation involves monitoring online exams remotely through technology, such as webcam feeds and screen recording software. It differs from physical invigilation by allowing monitoring without the need for in-person presence.

How do digital invigilators ensure exam integrity and prevent cheating?

PMaps Proctor use various tools such as AI algorithms, screen monitoring, and facial recognition to detect suspicious behavior, flagging any anomalies for further review. They also employ strict authentication measures to verify the identity of test-takers.

What are the primary benefits of digital invigilation in modern assessments?

Digital invigilation offers increased accessibility, flexibility, and scalability compared to traditional methods. It can accommodate remote testing, reduce logistical challenges, and provide a secure testing environment even during pandemic conditions.

Can digital invigilation address concerns about fairness and reliability in assessment?

Yes, PMaps Proctors can enhance fairness and reliability by reducing human error and bias in monitoring. However, it's essential to implement proper protocols and safeguards to ensure the integrity of the process and mitigate any potential drawbacks.

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