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Customer Service Test to Assess Candidates for Building Customer Service Teams!

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In-house developed Psychometric Framework backed by NPPA.

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Skill assessment for measuring Non Voice competencies.


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Pre-Hire Assessment Software

With PMaps’ pre-hire assessment software, we enable our users to go beyond just matching skills with the said job description and get answers to in-depth questions like: –

When encountered with these questions, pre-employment testing software helps in evaluating the candidate’s critical thinking skills, technical skills, and problem-solving skills. Assessing the core competencies and acquired knowledge is the cornerstone of pre-employment assessment. Our cluster of tools includes sales assessment, customer service orientation, channel sales assessment, voice, and accent tools, and through the use of personality tests, aptitude tests, and skills tests that the candidate’s traits can be assessed and evaluated. 

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Efficient and Effective recruitment with Pre-Hire Assessment Software

The dynamic business requirements and growing need for recognition have led to faster and better recruitment systems. The pre-employment assessment strategy provides a structured procedure to analyze the prospective candidate based on: –

Face-to-face interviews are prone to biases, and to avoid the creation of such circumstances, PMaps’ pre-employment assessment provides an easier, faster, and better way to evaluate the candidates. One sure-shot way of enhancing the brand image and value is by upgrading or hiring talent whose skills best align with the goals and missions of the organization. Such an organization experiences higher productivity and lower employee turnover. While on the other hand employing the wrong candidate can negatively affect the firm’s performance and employee morale. 

Pre-hire assessment software helps in minimizing the hiring time and reduces the efforts. It also helps in understanding the hires in-depth and predict their on-job performance. 

Quick and Automated Pre-Employment
Testing Software

PMaps candidate assessment tool contributes to improving the hiring outcome and helps in appointing the most qualified candidate whose skills best match the job profile and the goals of the organization. The entire pre-hire assessment software is said to be quick because of the following reasons: –

Screens Applicants Quickly

Screening of the applicants is done quickly via an 11 minutes test. The short and quick pre-employment testing software provides a screening process that makes the assessment desirable.

Psychometric Profiling

The Psychometric framework is developed in-house, and is backed by NPPA helps in testing the competencies of the candidates.

Easy Integration

The assessment is visual-based and hence has global application, it provides a bias-free platform to assess candidates.

Video Interviewing Platform

It provides a perfect platform to interview those candidates that come across as a good match for the job profile.

The test-based pre-employment assessment system enables the firm to judge the candidates at different levels, like through the aptitude test, the result would entail how well the employee would be able to learn new skills on the job. 

Another such test is the personality test and measures significant traits of an individual such as assertiveness, interpersonal skills, interests, emotional aspects of one’s personality, and attitude. 

Finally, there is the skills test which measures those skills that would be relevant for the job. These skills include coding, email, and many more. All these tests make pre-employment testing software popular amongst all the organisations that are looking to hire faster and better.

What does a Pre-Employment
Testing Software look like?

A pre-employment assessment generally packs in the following features: –

Test Benchmarks

These are set as per the industry and the firm's internal benchmarks.

Test delivery mode

Deciding whether it would be web-based or through the mobile application.


Through PMaps invigilator.

Test reports

There can be an individual report or a consolidated report.


The fields can be customized.


It is available and White labeling is possible.


Integration with the Human Resource Management System (HRSM)

Data security

It provides a secured cloud platform and dedicated cloud with SSL certification.

These features prove to be immensely helpful when a firm is planning to get a pre-hire assessment done and it carries the following benefits: –

Among the other employment assessment test companies, PMaps is distinguished because of its highly analytical and unique features. And the technology used gives a flawless user experience that can be accessed from anywhere.