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PMaps Pre-Assess: Where you can screen the freshers

Campus Hiring
Chaitali Medhi
April 30, 2021

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“Knock!! Knock!! It's a golden opportunity for you!!”

Want to hire some fresh candidates suitable for your job requirements? Are you under a pressure of bulk freshers hiring?  So, here is the answer!! PMaps Pre-Assess plays an important role to grab this golden opportunity for organizations because it gives elaborative information on behavioral traits, individuality and intellectual ability of candidates. This assessment gives some useful insight into the candidate's mental and behavioral ability & the training required for the individual candidates to improve their effectiveness on the job floor.

Hiring is a costly investment for any company, and the HR department wants to make sure that, they are making the right decision to see plenty of return on their investment. PMaps Pre-Assess psychometric assessment acts as an important platform for such organizations where a candidate's orientation and mindset can be well mapped with the hiring requirement of the organization.

There are number of candidates at the start of a recruitment drive. In this case, psychometric testing can help to drastically reduce the hiring workload of organization's, as it helps to quickly identify suitable applicants who have the potential to perform well in the later recruitment stages.

Organizations look for employees with strong principles, who are honest about themselves and their work. They seek out employees in whom they can put their trust, i.e. the ones who can accomplish tasks without compromising the company's standards and have the required skills & aptitude for the mentioned job role. So, PMaps Pre-Assess helps any organization to map inherent skills and talent to see whether the selected candidate is appropriate for a job or not.

PMaps Pre-Assess screens candidate on the primary level during recruitment or hiring to check the suitability of a candidate to be fit for any job profile. This implies that the psychometric assessment can help to provide more realistic and current view of a candidate's abilities than a formal certificate of education. It provides with a rapid and precise way of screening and understanding the congruity of the candidate to succeed in the required job role. On this fact, psychometric testing could help to gauge the future performance of a candidate and improves employee retention by making successful hiring decisions.

The psychometric Pre-Assess is like level playing field because it gives a fair way of assessing different candidate's strengths regardless of educational background. For campus placement programs also, Pre-Assess is influential in developing a strong workforce in the organization and giving potential candidates a chance to validate their skills and intellectual capabilities.

PMaps Pre-Assess elaborates an individual's ability to perform mental actions or process acquired knowledge at a workplace. It helps organizations to figure out what kind of behavioral patterns may be exhibited by the candidate and identify her/his personal strengths and weaknesses. This general factor explains most differences among individuals in performance on diverse mental cognitive tasks. This is true regardless of what specific ability a test is meant to assess or of the test's manifest content (whether words, numbers or figures) and regardless of the way the test is administered (in written or oral form, to an individual or to a group). Assessments about the sequence, pattern and logical thinking help in identifying employees in the hiring process are of utmost importance for any organization because it assures employment suitability to attain expected job performance.

PMaps Pre-Assess also measures the extent to which a person can deal with a stressful situation, confidently. This assessment also indicates, how the different emotions of the candidate affect their work performance. So predominantly this assessment gives an overview of how dutiful the individual will be in the workplace and work-related situations. This assessment gives a futuristic view of a candidate based on their skills in goal-setting, organization, and self-discipline. All these factors may apply for jobs that allow for methodical planning and little amounts of risk.

On this note, for an applicant who fits with the job description and appears to the hiring process, PMaps Pre-Assess can help to determine whether this candidate can work more effectively and move along with the organization which gives a major lookout on inaugurating new arrivals in corporates.

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PMaps Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about PMaps through commonly asked questions:

How does PMaps Pre-Assess contribute to the hiring process?

PMaps Pre-Assess provides detailed insights into candidates' behavioral traits, individuality, and intellectual abilities, aiding in informed hiring decisions.

Why is psychometric testing important for organizations conducting bulk freshers hiring?

Psychometric testing helps organizations quickly identify suitable candidates who have the potential to perform well in later recruitment stages, reducing workload and ensuring quality hires.

What qualities do organizations look for in candidates during recruitment?

Organizations seek candidates with strong principles, honesty, and the ability to accomplish tasks without compromising standards, assessing suitability for job roles.

How does PMaps Pre-Assess help organizations assess candidate suitability for job roles?

PMaps Pre-Assess screens candidates at the primary level, providing a realistic view of their abilities and suitability for job roles, contributing to successful hiring decisions and employee retention.

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