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Do you hire engineers based on IQ alone??

Hiring Practices
Pratisrutee Mishra
April 30, 2021

Most of us have the perception that the more intelligent an engineer is, the better they will perform.

But it is really so? And is it always so?

No, a big no.

The most successful tech professionals stand out because of supreme emotional intelligence and not necessarily IQ alone.

In the previous decades, an engineer could work alone in her/his independent cubicle and contribute individually based on their technical skills. Only the cognitive abilities of the engineer would contribute to her/his success.

Now the scenario has completely changed, with engineers working from a remote location, communicating with clients and team members located across the globe and convincing them on a given viewpoints. Also, an engineer is challenged by the pool of engineers who will be as smart as they are- in such cases the employee's cognitive abilities may be rendered ineffective.

Hence, emotional and social intelligence, which intuits how well you manage yourself and work with others, is a must skill set required in all, engineers included. High scores in emotional and social intelligence make one an exceptional team member and help them to emerge as a leader. It sets the stars apart from the dust.

When we measured work performance of engineers working at some of our clients from the IT industry, we found out that higher emotional intelligence was the only factor out of all the others that predicted superior work performance. Other factors being IQ, personality traits, and various other abilities.

We at PMaps, call emotional intelligence as emotional control which is an individual's capability in control of display of emotions. The assessment ascertains whether the display or expression of the feeling/emotion is situationally appropriate or not.

PMaps, being India's leading Psychometric Assessment firm has successfully helped various companies across multiple sectors like ITES, BFSI, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, E-Commerce and much more, for hiring the right candidate in terms of behavioral fitment for various roles.

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PMaps Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about PMaps through commonly asked questions:

Is intelligence alone the key to success for engineers?

No, success for engineers relies on emotional and social intelligence, not just IQ.

What role does emotional intelligence play in the success of tech professionals?

Emotional intelligence is crucial as engineers now work remotely and collaborate globally, requiring effective communication and teamwork skills.

How has the changing work landscape impacted the importance of emotional and social intelligence for engineers?

The shift to remote work and global collaboration has heightened the significance of emotional and social intelligence for engineers to navigate diverse teams and complex interactions.

Why are emotional and social intelligence crucial skill sets for engineers in today's environment?

Emotional and social intelligence are essential for engineers to excel as team members, leaders, and effective communicators in today's dynamic work environment.

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