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Discover Your Team's Hidden Gems with Our High Potential Employee Blueprint

Sonali K Sawant
May 7, 2024

Do You Know Who Your Future Leaders Are?

In your bustling office, there's a dynamo of talent, often unnoticed by traditional evaluation methods. It's easy to overlook those with the quiet confidence or the unassuming brilliance that marks a potential leader.

The challenge? Finding and nurturing these high-potential individuals before they slip through the cracks or, worse, walk out the door to a competitor who recognizes their worth.

Feeling the pinch?

Consider this: recent statistics suggest that a staggering 85% of employees worldwide are not engaged in their current job roles. If you're sensing a disconnect between your top performers and their current positions, you're not alone. 

This misalignment not only dampens morale but also affects your bottom line—disengaged employees are rarely top performers, and high-potential potentials might seek opportunities elsewhere if they feel underutilized. The cost of turnover, especially losing your best, can be exorbitant.

Let's Turn This Around!

What if you could pinpoint these high-potential dynamos with just a few clicks? Our High Potential Employee Blueprint, crafted in an accessible Excel format, offers you just that. It's designed to cut through the noise and identify the individuals who are your future leaders.

By assessing key competencies, leadership potential, and their alignment with your strategic goals, you'll not only keep your best talent motivated but also strategically poised for taking the helm when the time is right. 

Ready to uncover the full potential of your team? Check out our blueprint and see how you can transform your talent strategy. Your future leaders are already with you—let's help you shine a spotlight on them!

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The High Potential Employee Blueprint

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Performance Appraisals - Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about performance appraisal commonly asked questions:

1. What is the High Potential Employee Blueprint?

The High Potential Employee Blueprint is a tool designed to help organizations identify and develop their future leaders. It uses a combination of psychometric testing and performance data analysis to evaluate employees’ potential for leadership and growth roles. Click here to know more about our PMaps High Potential Assessment.

2. How does the blueprint work?

Our blueprint is provided in an easy-to-use Excel format, where you input relevant data about your employees. It then analyzes this data using specific metrics and indicators that predict leadership potential, such as problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and team dynamics.

3. Who should use the High Potential Employee Blueprint?

This tool is ideal for HR professionals, talent managers, and organizational leaders who are tasked with succession planning and talent development. It's particularly useful for organizations looking to invest strategically in their internal talent pool to fill leadership roles.

4. What makes this blueprint different from other assessment tools?

Unlike traditional assessment tools that may focus solely on current performance, our blueprint emphasizes both current competencies and future leadership potential. It integrates data analytics and psychometric principles to provide a more comprehensive assessment.

5. How often should we use the High Potential Employee Blueprint?

We recommend using the blueprint annually as part of your regular talent review process. This frequency ensures that you are consistently up-to-date with your team's development and potential, allowing for timely adjustments to your talent strategy.

6. Can the blueprint be customized to fit our specific organizational needs?

The blueprint is designed based on rigorous research, identifying what works effectively across various organizational settings. For customization, we invite you to connect with us for a personalized assessment configuration. This will ensure your appraisals are more objective and tailored to the unique culture and strategic objectives of your organization.

7. What are the next steps after identifying high potential employees?

Once you've identified high potentials using the blueprint, the immediate next steps include creating personalized development plans, implementing targeted training programs, and strategically placing these individuals in roles that prepare them for future leadership. Additionally, you can utilize our post-hiring assessments which not only identify skill gaps but also provide comprehensive plans for improvement. These assessments offer suggestions and managerial counsel aimed at uplifting each employee's performance and ensuring they reach their full potential. Continuous monitoring and tailored support are essential to fully develop their capabilities and prepare them for leadership responsibilities.

8. Is training provided on how to use the High Potential Employee Blueprint?

Yes, the High Potential Employee Blueprint is designed to be user-friendly and self-explanatory, complete with step-by-step instructions embedded within the tool. This ensures you can navigate and utilize the blueprint effectively right from the start. Should you need further assistance or wish to deepen your understanding of how to integrate the findings into your HR practices effectively, our team is available to provide additional support and resources.

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