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Happiness Survey – Where efficiency leads to effectiveness

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How many of us have really wondered what drives the altitude of an organization? The question could be addressed through various perspectives. For some it may be market penetration, process efficiency, cash flow cycle, meeting targets, brand image, employee count or company size. Measuring company success on these methodologies

are true with an assumption that the internal and external affecting factors are well balanced.

Employees are always the face of a company. A happy and charming face with a gentle and empathetic voice when face customers always tends to extend the association of customer with a company. These attributes cannot be bought by artificial ways within your employees when they face customers but must have natural flavour to make customers feel special and will give them a feeling that their needs are valued. Hence, for a company it is necessary to measure factors that govern these attributes. It is important for a company to know the productivity of various departments, their attrition rate and their happiness indices. Thus, giving a clear picture of various departments and the corresponding low index value that is dealt accordingly.

Happiness survey measures the happiness and satisfaction levels of all the linked departments in the form of numeric count called “Happiness Index”. The overall performance and distress of employees can be measured and observed through single window on real-time basis. This gives a clear picture to the top management about organizational culture, all the existing working levels and also notes the department which is affecting the functioning of other linked departments due to its own low index value.

The survey can be conducted either on a monthly basis, quarterly basis or annually depending on the revenue cycle and the type of industry, while the questions are designed keeping in mind both psychometric and technical considerations. Few minutes of employees and another couple of minutes of the top management on a survey of some 40-45 questions gives us in black and white the perceptions of the company in real-time.

For measuring efficiency of workforce and business domains, these simple survey questions are designed with real-time scenarios, flourish with psychometric flavour enable top management to examine integration, performance and organization’s health to penetrate deeper, thereby helping to lift-up brand image, reach, performance and revenue.


– Nikita Bhatkar (Team PMaps)