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Facts For A Better Customer Service Hiring!!

Customer Service
Sonali Sawant
June 10, 2020

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“Hello! Customer Care, I wanted to…….” And you hear, “For English press 1…. To speak with our customer executive press 9..” and without a second thought you press 9 to speak with a human to resolve your query.

Though we live in a digitalized world, we prefer a humanized talk when it comes to problem solving. As we know, no machine can ever relate to the query we face, the way a human could. But do the people hired by companies always pacify the customer and/or give satisfying solutions? Or do they just receive the calls and keep repeating the rote-learnt responses rather than justifying your query.

It becomes a big responsibility for service organization firms to serve their customer effectively while hiring employees with predisposition to serve customers. This is where “Customer Service Orientation Assessment” comes into picture – a scientifically validated psychometric assessment by PMaps. PMaps, that enables you to identify, measure and evaluate ‘human' values in your customer-care staff for delivering higher quality customer service skills.

PMaps' Customer Service Orientation Assessment (herein referred as PMaps' CSO) was fundamentally developed to meet the company's principle “Better Hiring” that is, providing best fitment to the organizations for various roles using scientifically-developed Psychometric models. Hence PMaps' CSO Assessment guides various industries providing customer service in recruiting candidates having high inclination or orientation towards customer service and values, to serve best to their customers.

The PMaps' CSO Assessment is built using three broad scales namely Helpfulness, Self control and Task Orientation using scientific approach. The test has been validated through various experts like Psychologists, academicians and corporate HR professionals. It is not just a typical question-answer format based assessment. The PMaps' CSO Assessment has been constructed using rich content like pictures and audio based questions related to various day- to-day situations, making the assessment wide-ranging. It also provides both intra-organization and inter-organization benchmarks as per the expectations and culture of the company and the industry it serves.

Despite being a behavioral assessment, PMaps' CSO has always been paired with various cognitive tests as per the organization's prospect to analyze ability of the candidate parallel to it. The CSO Assessment has shown incredible high inter-correlation with various demographic variables, cognitive skills and behavioral traits.

In a recent research conducted by PMaps at multiple companies spread across India, a positive relationship was observed between PMaps' CSO Assessment and candidate's Quality score. According to our research and findings of predictive analysis, it was found that candidates who scored higher in PMaps' CSO Assessment, were able to bring their skills on board, showing high Quality score. Quality scores are scores given by quality team or Managers that monitors and identify problems, maintain quality standards based upon various facets like call opening, empathy, attendance, etc.; improve the customer experience and provides feedbacks to improve agent, call center and departmental performance. In the same research, PMaps' CSO also showed positive relationship with Average Call Handling Time. That is the PMaps' CSO passed candidates were able to empathize well with the customers as well resolve their query to the earliest. Hence, it was proved that a single variable alone cannot distinguish between highly and poorly efficient members. But, it could for sure increase the probability of hiring efficient candidates than poor candidate through none other than PMaps' CSO Assessment as it provides you with a systematic and scientific approach for hiring.

Professional hiring has become the need of the hour in today's competitive world and so sound hiring policy based on scientific tools will play a big role for service organization to compete in commoditized world. Hence the only solution would be PMaps' Customer Service Orientation Assessment – a better hiring tool for every firm that aims to serve their customer the best.

– Sonali (Team – PMaps)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about this blog through the commonly asked questions:

What is the purpose of PMaps' Customer Service Orientation Assessment?

PMaps' Customer Service Orientation Assessment aims to help organizations identify candidates with a strong inclination and orientation towards customer service, ensuring better fitment for customer-facing roles.

How does PMaps' CSO Assessment assist in hiring decisions?

PMaps' CSO Assessment utilizes scientifically-developed psychometric models to evaluate candidates' customer service skills and values, enabling organizations to make informed hiring decisions for customer service roles.

Can PMaps' CSO Assessment predict candidates' performance in customer service roles?

Yes, PMaps' CSO Assessment is designed to predict candidates' performance in customer service roles by assessing their predisposition towards serving customers and their alignment with organizational values.

How does PMaps ensure the reliability and validity of its CSO Assessment?

PMaps' CSO Assessment undergoes rigorous validation processes to ensure its reliability and validity, providing organizations with accurate insights into candidates' customer service orientation.

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