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Placement Assessments To Ace Campus Hiring

Campus Hiring
Pratisrutee Mishra
October 11, 2023

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Campus placement is a critical process for both educational institutes and companies. Institutes rely on companies to provide their students with employment opportunities, while companies rely on institutes to provide them with a pool of qualified candidates. Students, on the other hand, rely on both institutes and companies to help them secure their first job.

63% of recruiters say their current volume of campus hiring is greater than last year's volume, which means the talent market for freshers is growing rapidly. Many more college students are turning into job seekers. But, then again this causes a problem, with 52% of recruiters saying the hardest part of their job is identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool. This results in educational institutes rapidly losing their sheen of providing adequate job placement to large numbers of students.  

In order to ensure that all of these stakeholders are satisfied with the campus recruitment process, it is important to let the virtual recruitment process take over from the traditional campus hiring practices. In this blog, we will discuss how institutes can guarantee the best campus placement experience for their students, as well as collaborate effectively with companies looking to mass hire.

What does the company look for in freshers?

Grades? No. Co-curriculars? Nah. Academic projects? Maybe. Experience? Obviously not! Finding a fresher candidate with the potential to ace in a job position is no less demanding than diving deep into the sea looking for a pearl. Read more about spotting the high potential candidates on our other blog ‘Complete Guide On How to Identify High Potential Employees!‘. 

Reports shows that the characteristics looked for in most freshers by companies, are:

  • 34% communication skills
  • 30% team work 
  • 28% preferred domain knowledge 
  • 22% analytical skills
  • 15% creativity 
  • 12% leadership skills 

Yes, that's right. All that matters at a campus placement are the soft skill sets of a candidate! We know, It is not easy to evaluate entry-level candidates as they have no means of proving how they can practically implement their skills. Therefore, the placement test series enters the picture to solve the problem.

What do you think virtual campus recruitment tools assess?

It is difficult to set a benchmark while hiring entry-level employees. Therefore, the placement assessment series attempts to secure the process of filtering candidates as per industry standards and expectations. You can read about some more skill sets most sought by employers in our blog, ‘Ten Soft-Skills favoured by the Recruiters for hiring!!‘. Along with all the above-mentioned traits, placement test gauges many other relevant competencies of college students.

Some of those are as follows;

  • Initiative: The willingness to take up roles and responsibilities. 
  • Strong work ethic: The awareness, discipline and workplace conscientiousness. 
  • Interpersonal skills: The ability to handle relationships and remain sociable. 
  • Organizational skills: The professionalism and enthusiasm towards their job role of preference. 
  • Adaptability: The ability to change oneself to suit the circumstances and surroundings. 
  • Time management: The capability of juggling multiple workplace responsibilities efficiently. 
  • Technical skills: It is the specific knowledge and expertise needed to use tools and programs in real-world situations. 
  • Problem-solving skills: It involves identifying problems, brainstorming solutions, and implementing the best answers. It is the ability of the candidates to find solutions.

Advantages of using campus placement assessments

What after assessing your college students for the most sought-after competencies? There are several advantages of using campus placement assessments to mass hire candidates. Let's take a look at some of them:

  • Improve the quality of candidates: Online placement test series can help to identify the candidates who have the skills, knowledge, and abilities that are required for the job. This can help to ensure that companies hire only the best candidates, and that institutes only send the best candidates for interviews.
  • Provide students with self-awareness: Online placement assessments can help students understand their own strengths and weaknesses. This can help them develop their skills and knowledge and make better decisions about their career path.
  • Provide institutes with feedback: Campus placement assessments can provide institutes with feedback on the quality of their students. This feedback can be used to improve the curriculum, the teaching methods, and the overall student experience.

Campus Placement Tests Available for Fresher Evaluation 

Even though any placement assessment can be advantageous, the best campus hiring tests for freshers will vary depending on the specific job role requirements. However, we will share a few campus recruitment tests that can cut short your efforts in job interviews. 

  • Skill tests: These tests assess a candidate's knowledge and skills in a particular area, such as programming, data analysis, or customer service.
  • Cognitive ability tests: These tests assess a candidate's general cognitive ability, such as their verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and problem-solving skills.
  • Behavioral tests: These tests assess a candidate's behavior in certain situations. For example, a behavioral test might ask a candidate how they would handle a customer complaint.
  • Personality tests: These tests assess a candidate's personality traits, such as their agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience.
  • Aptitude test: This  test is a standardized test that measures a person's ability to learn or perform required tasks such as attention to detail, association, inference, and context comprehension. 

All-in-One Campus Hiring Solution: Campus Placement Assessments!

By using campus intelligence tools, such as aptitude tests, skill tests, and cognitive tests, the institutes can improve the quality of their campus recruitment process and help to formulate relevant interview questions. It can effectively help their students make career choices and succeed in them. There may be a variety of virtual placement tests that can be used for screening entry-level employees. But the one with the ability to gauge all of these parameters, and provide the right campus hiring solution is the PMaps Campus Placement Test. 

Let's get into its  details: 

  • About: It is a comprehensive tool that gauges entry-level candidates on the basis of their core competencies. This competency analysis can identify individual potential and forecast on-job performance, along with the possibility of retention. Our assessment tool is designed to track bulk applications and automatically evaluate Gen-Z candidates. 
  • Features: Comprehensive, Quick, Engaging, Language-agnostic, Visual-based, and Reliable.
  • Benefits: Bulk hiring, Candidate awareness of self-profile, Campus fitment analysis, Campus intelligence comparison for companies and industries, Basic filter for driving informed hiring decisions.
  • Add-ons: Proctoring, Lie detection, Bias-free candidate evaluation, remote access to candidates, a wide range of device compatibility, ease of administration, as well as the ease of taking the assessment. 


Online campus placement tests are a valuable tool for institutes that want to revolutionize their campus placement services. These assessments can also help in attracting companies looking to mass hire the right talent. The campus placement assessments can identify the candidates fit for various job roles, provide students with self-awareness, and give institutes feedback on the quality of their students. 

Integration of placement assessments in the campus recruitment process helps students succeed in their careers and make a positive contribution to the future workforce. If you are an educational institute, do not hold back from the valuable experience of checking up on your students' competencies, skills, and knowledge…all at once.

To know more about how you can use the right psychometric assessments for your

organization, call PMaps at +91 7709196077, or then, email us at , or get in touch through our website at

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PMaps Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about PMaps through commonly asked questions:

How do you ace college placement?

Recruiters can ace college placement by employing placement test tools that can automate the screening and selection process. As for the students, the campus placement assessments gauge soft skills, technical skills, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving skills. So,  preparing for the virtual campus recruitment would require you to be enthusiastic and active.

How do I convince HR for campus placement?

Campus placement is an important phase for all entry-level candidates. The freshers need to prepare well for the online placement test and subsequent interview rounds. The HR decisions are highly supported by scientific analysis of candidate profiles, which means applicants won't get a chance to plagiarize responses, cheat in the test, or bluff in the job interviews.

Is campus placement easy?

The placement tests are designed to gauge entry-level skills and are very objective depending on the specification of a job role. The test consists of balanced difficulty levels which ensures thorough analysis of a test taker's profile. It assesses cognitive abilities, soft skills, and domain-specific skills. 

What happens in campus placement?

Campus placement is a recruitment process for bulk hiring college students. It is arranged in collaboration with employers and educational institutes. The benefits extend to both sides as employers get to hire fresh talents for many job roles and institutions earn student job placement scores. It is done through conventional hiring processes as well as through virtual placement tests and job interviews. 

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